banyan tree most ancient indian herbal medicine

Banyan or Bar is the prominent herb widely known across India. It is also known as Banyan Tree. The aerial roots of its branches usually goes down deeply into earth and gets back again to the tree in more twisting or trailing form. It has oval shaped leaves which are shiny and smooth. The flowers and fruits of the tree normally held together in the fig.
These days, this has become the most common tree that is being planted over the shrines, uncultivated fields and country roads all over the India. The latex of the tree is very toxic in nature and has been used as medicinal herbs for several ailments since ages.
The bark of the tree is really useful in curing secretion or bleeding problems. The fruit of the particular tree acts as great soother for the skin and helps in alleviating several painful and swelling problems of the body. Thus, it is widely acts as curative herb for curing several health ailments such as:
Diarrhea or Dysentery: To cure diarrhea or dysentery problems it is advised that the leaves buds of the banyan tree should be soaked in water overnight and its infusion should be taken daily for beneficial results.
Piles: To cure bleeding piles, it is advised that the latex of tree mixed with milk should be consumed daily to have an effective result.
Teeth Disorders: The aerial root of tree is really helpful in curing the teeth and gum disorders. It is advised that the teeth should be cleaned daily with the aerial roots of the tree.
Rheumatism: The latex of tree is usually used orally for the rheumatic pain of the body.